To call this immensely talented band, masters of rock, pop, and even gospel is an understatement. Iconic would be a better word, so we'll go with that!

To this day they can still throw out a rock song with influences of country, blues, folk, and R&B just as easily as ever, and their harmonies- - heavenly!

The  Doobie Brothers have been making all of us "Listen to the Music" for decades and "Minute by Minute" as we were "Rockin' Down the Highway" or just sitting at work.

Now they're coming to our part of the planet and you can win tickets to see them.

The Doobie Brothers will be in Sioux City, Iowa performing at the Tyson Center on Saturday, June 17th at 8 PM and Ben & Patty want to help you get there.

Listen to the morning show all next week for Ben & Patty to - - "Roll Doobies"- -songs that is! Whenever you hear them play a Doobie Brothers tune between 6 and 10 AM, just be caller number 9 and you'll win tickets to see the Doobies in concert.

Tickets are available online now at Prime Bank Tix.


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