There are a lot of people who never met a cookie they didn't like. So you can imagine that the opening of a new cookie bakery in Sioux Falls will be buzzing.

This Friday and Saturday, July 30 and 31, Crumbl Cookies will be having their grand opening event at their store in the Empire Place Retail Center on 41st Street here in Sioux Falls.

I spoke with owner Heather Berry about what people could expect at the event. Maybe a free cookie? "No free cookies, no games, just get in line and enjoy warm cookies!" was her response. No pretense. That was kind of refreshing.

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Crumbl Cookies co-founders started this business venture while still in college. They figured that people in their college city would like having a warm box of cookies delivered to them just as much as a hot pizza.

The truth is most college kids love both. Oh, who are we kidding? Just about everyone loves both!

Anyway, the first Crumbl Store opened in 2017 and it has been full-steam ahead ever since. There are currently 215 Crumbl Cookie stores in over 30 states and they are also expanding into Canada.

Their two mainstay cookies are the award-winning milk chocolate chip cookie and the chilled pink sugar cookie, which are always available. They also have a weekly rotating menu of dreamy creations inspired by cakes, pies, candies, and other food items.

Crumbl's mission from the beginning has been "bringing family and friends together over the world’s best box of cookies".

Their signature pink boxes are constructed to carefully hold the number of cookies you order. Although rumor has it that you won't need the box long.

For more information see Crumbl Cookies online or on Facebook.

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