An employee at a popular Sioux Falls water park has tested positive for COVID-19.

Dakota News Now is reporting the lead life guard at Wild Water West was recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

Fortunately this position at the park has very little contact with water park visitors on a daily basis. According to the report, the employee in question will be out for at least a two week period.

Wild Water West patrons need not worry about heading out to the park to catch a wave of fun, as Dakota News Now reports, the water park has gone through, and continues to go through rigorous cleaning protocols. Wild Water West wants the public to know the safety of park-goers and their employees is and will continue to be their number one priority.

If you have visited the park recently, or plan on going to Wild Water West soon, the park wants to let people know there are no major concerns for visitors or employees being exposed.

Wild Water West has been open for the season since (May 30). Before the park opened for the year, Wild Water West worked with the state in advance to put an opening plan in place.

Source: Dakota News Now

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