Ice cream snacks are a summer staple. The other day I was craving ice cream with Oreo cookies. I was near a McDonald's, so I pulled in and ordered an Oreo McFlurry.

While I was scarfing down my delicious dessert, I realized the spoon was very oddly shaped.

Is it a straw? No. What purpose does the hole in the square handle serve? There's even a little clippy thing on the end. It just doesn't make any sense. Who would invent something that seemingly has no other purpose except be a spoon?

I was wrong. Someone who is extremely smart invented the McFlurry spoon. We've all seen the agitators on malt machines - the long stick-like thing that mixes the malt in the cup, well, the McFlurry spoon does the same thing.


According to a manager at a Sioux Falls McDonald's, you fill the cup with ice cream and Oreos, then attach the clip that is at the end of the spoon to the machine. The spoon acts as the agitator to mix the ice cream and cookies to perfection.

And, now I want another McFlurry.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media
Karla Brown/Townsquare Media.

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