The racetrack at Jackson, Minnesota, Jackson Motorplex, has become the area's top sprint car racing venue. The 2017 season showcased some of the country's finest events, including a three day World of Outlaws show for the Jackson Nationals.

Another marquee event was the Fall Classic with the all sprint car double header boasting $100,000 of prize money. Racing fans were not disappointed with the legendary track's racing program.

In addition, they were very impressed with all the renovations that the facility has undergone recently. Now there will be more to see when they come back.

The racing surface is being completely changed. The half mile will be gone.

Doug Johnson, Jackson Motorplex General Manager, tells us,

We are reshaping the track to a 4/10th mile semi-banked oval.  So basically turns 3 & 4 are getting moved in and we are reshaping turns 1 & 2 so the banking is more consistent. We are also scraping 12” of surface off of the straights and will be adding new sifted dirt there. There are several reasons for this overhaul:
1.      We feel a shorter track will provide better racing action.
2.      Not as stressful on engines/equipment
3.      Less track maintenance
4.      More excitement for the fans!

The track will be ready for even more action in 2018. Watch for upcoming schedules and event announcements.

Take a look at some photos of the new track construction in progress:

JMP1 630w
Doug Johnson
JMP3 630w
Doug Johnson
JMP4 630w
Doug Johnson

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