A race car driver that attracts a huge following of fans is like a goldmine in the racing world. NASCAR will be the first to tell you, that drivers with large fan bases, pack the grandstands.

Packed grandstands attract money paying sponsors. This formula applies to the smaller dirt tracks as well. It's pretty simple math.

But actually making it happen takes magic. And nobody has better magic for this than Tony Stewart.

Stewart has people that are followers like one would only dream of in the racing business. The former professional stock car driver has built an empire with his fan base.

He has a deep passion for driving sprint cars yet today on small dirt tracks across the country. Stewart races 410 and 360 Dirt Sprint Cars about 50 times a year throughout the United States and Canada.

Stewart competes with the World of Outlaws, All-Stars, and IRA Sprint Car series when traveling between NASCAR races and on off weekends. When a track promoter can book Stewart, he's almost guaranteed a sell out crowd.

Like I said earlier, it's like a goldmine within the racing world. The former Huset's Speedway had the largest crowd in its 60-year history when Stewart raced at an event there in 2014. Cars were backed up five miles on the Interstate trying to get in to see him race.

Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minnesota enjoyed the success of a Tony Stewart Night last Friday (7/27). General Manager Doug Johnson told us they were within a hand full of tickets away from a sell out crowd. See complete story on the race.

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