It has been a showcase for a local, regional, and national talent since 2013. It was a creative two-way street for musicians and people who love live music. Was, being the operative word here as The White Wall Sessions succumbs to the ravages of our global pandemic.

The Sioux Falls music scene like so many other entertainment options is currently in contraction mode. It is all part of the coronavirus domino effect precipitated by business closings, job loss, belt-tightening, and fear of the unknown.

According to an article on Sioux Falls Business with Jodi Schwan, White Wall Sessions founder, Jeff Zueger, indicated that the show's 8th Season would be suspended due to the fact that more than half of the artists who were scheduled to appear have canceled.

Additionally, the likelihood that production on the series would resume is slim. This passion project begun by music lovers has always been on the edge financially. Relying on a number of dedicated volunteers and talented professionals who worked for very little, became an increasing strain.

The only income stream came from sponsors and patrons, who are now financially stretched themselves.

Zueger explained the situation by saying,

As anxious as we all are to get things back to normal, the fact is that COVID-19 cases are still on the rise here and throughout the country, and we don’t really see an end to this anytime in the near future. We feel it is the only right thing to do for the safety of our crew and family, our musicians and our fans. "

He went on to thank those sponsors and patrons, musicians, and fans who have made The White Wall Sessions the groundbreaking music haven that it was. You will still be able to catch videos of the great acts that have performed, online.

For more information on The White Wall Sessions, see their website, or their Facebook page.

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