Okay, so June doesn't have a major retail holiday around which there is a multitude of sales. But Father's Day is straight ahead and summer officially begins this weekend. If you need a great gift for Dad or something that is indispensable in terms of your enjoyment of summer, it might be on Consumer Reports' (CR) best buys list this month.

  • Smartwatches - Tech gadgets of all kinds tend to be discounted on the march up to Father's Day and smartwatches are no exception. If Dad has been wanting one of these, now may be the time to buy, without having to spend a fortune. But make sure you do your homework. Is it compatible with your or his smartphone? What features are wanted? How about battery life and size? Before you go shopping, know what you're shopping for and what you're willing and able to pay.
  • Cordless drills - Once again, you can thank Father's Day for the drop in prices on power tools. A really good cordless drill isn't just a great gift for your dad, it is an indispensable item in almost any home, whether you're hanging home decor, putting furniture together, or staring a major project.
  • String trimmers - You might not have needed one when they were on sale in early spring, but your old standby has already bit the dirt, no problem, June is another good time to find one of these handy lawn care items at a discount. The ideal trimmer should be able to handle tall grass, as well as, trim and edge with ease.
  • Pressure washers - These incredible cleaning machines can bring a deck or driveway back to life and really spruce up the appearance of your home and they are deeply discounted this month. But they aren't for everyone and can be tricky to handle. For smaller jobs, electric ones are quieter, lighter and easier to maintain, for large jobs, properties, or surfaces, a gas-powered version may make more sense.

For year-round tips on products you need and want, and when they are likely to be on sale, see Consumer Reports.

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