There is so much power in the word Friday, and all it implies. For people working Monday through Friday, it stands as a symbol of possibility, as the opening of a gate to two days of relaxation, spending time with family, home projects, or even the beginning of a vacation.

It's more than likely a certainty that even if you work over the weekends, Fridays are still okay with you.

That word and day deserve its own celebration and here in our town, that is exactly what happens on the first Friday of every month! This Friday, August 6 is the day and date of this month's Downtown Sioux Falls Eastbank Block Party and First Friday celebration.

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This Friday from 5:30 to 11 PM, there will be another lively event in Downtown Sioux Falls, with live music, food, tons of shopping, and more! It all happens in the 8th & Railroad Center parking lot.

You'll find the August edition of the vendor Marketplace set up along the 8th & Railroad Center's area. It will have a wide selection of shopping options offering artwork, photography, jewelry, pottery, sweet confections, and more. Plus there are all the shops in the 8th & Railroad center to explore.

Take your pick of delicious food and beverages from numerous food trucks including:

  • Backyard BBQ
  • Breaking Burrito
  • Hunny & Bunny
  • Ollies
  • SDSU Ice Cream

So bring your family, your friends, your lawn chairs, your party attitude, and enjoy a warm summer night filled with music and maybe an SDSU ice cream cone!

For more information on this month's block party, or to participate in the next one as a volunteer or vendor see Downtown Sioux Falls, or call 605-338-4009.

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