Now that it is officially Fall again, the four-lettered word that almost every South Dakotan dreads to hear could be uttered again at any time. You know the word I'm talking about... "snow!"

Unfortunately, snow can and often does make far too early of an appearance some years in South Dakota.

I realize there are a number of people living in South Dakota who absolutely love the snow and the cold weather months, most of them own sleds, snowmobiles, and 4x4 trucks.

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Myself, I'm not crazy about snow and cold weather, I tend to fall into the I do my best to "tolerate" it camp. Each year I try to get a prayer chain going to stave off anything that resembles winter weather until at least Christmas Eve around 6:00 PM. It never works, bah humbug!

Now that we're heading back into that time of the year when Mother Nature has us back on the "snow watch" clock, the question becomes, when will the Sioux Falls area get its first official snowfall of the 2023-24 season?

Well, if you believe the gang at the Farmer's Almanac we could be waiting for a while. (Cue the angels in heaven!!)

The folks at Farmer's Almanac predict the Sioux Falls area will see winter weather temperatures below normal this year, with the coldest periods coming in late November, early December, early and late January, and then again in mid-February.

Here Is The Age When You Should Quit Shoveling Snow In Iowa-Getty Thinkstock
Here Is The Age When You Should Quit Shoveling Snow In Iowa-Getty Thinkstock

The snowiest periods of the 2023-24 winter weather season for Sioux Falls are expected to happen in late November, early, and late December, and then unfortunately again in early and late March.

So it appears we will be getting a picturesque white Christmas and then our unfair share of dreaded heart-attack snow in March. So basically your typical South Dakota winter.

The good news for all of us warm-weather people, the Farmer's Almanac crew says the April and May temps should be near normal, so if their predictions come to fruition, we shouldn't be getting gypped out of spring for a change!

Here's one more bit of good news, it looks like we don't have to worry about a white Halloween either! (Cue the heavenly angels again!!)

For the most part, the month of October is expected to be sunny and warm, with a few showers mixed in. No mention of snow. They say daytime temperatures here in the Sioux Empire should range in the 50s.

Two pumpkins covered with snow for a cold Halloween night
Tony Savino

No icicles on your jack-o'-lantern this year...thank God!

Source: Farmer's Almanac 

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