Is it a Thanksgiving tradition that helps you burn calories before the big meal? Yes. Does it help to continue providing food and hope to lots of needy people in Sioux Falls? Yes.

What is it?

The Banquet's Thanksgiving Day Run for Food is happening at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds with an open start between 8 and 9 AM. There will be donation collection containers at the run.

If you don't want to run at the event, or can't be there, but still want to donate- -you can do both online.

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Running virtually allows you to run inside on a treadmill, or outside with friends and family, or all by yourself. And again you can donate at The Banquet online.

When you participate in this early morning Thanksgiving tradition, you are supporting the mission of The Banquet which has been in Sioux Falls serving nurturing meals with smiles and offering hope to people for a better life since 1985.

The Banquet is serving sixteen meals every week between their two locations, downtown at 900 East 8th Street, and The Banquet West at 5th and Marion. And they are always in need of "angels" to serve the meals.

If running isn't your thing, maybe serving a hot meal to a child, or a family who hasn't had one in a while is.

This is the perfect volunteering opportunity for service clubs, church and business groups, or even families. While you're satisfying the hunger of others you will satisfy your need to give of yourself to the less fortunate people of Sioux Falls.

So run, or serve, or just give.

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