From all appearances, it would seem that everyone is going to at least one, if not more, of the nine Garth Brooks concerts here in Sioux Falls. But you and I both know, that is not even close to reality. And, truth be told a lot people are not going, than are.

It occurred to me as I was driving to work very early this morning, that there are a number of things people need to be aware of, if they are not attending this monumental event. For instance:

  • You are not a loser! - In the real world, the one where a lot of us still live paycheck-to-paycheck, 75 bucks is still a lot of money! It's a utility bill, part of a payment for a visit to the vet or doctor or dentist, some groceries - you get the idea.
  • You won't be able to eat out anywhere at your normal times for the next two weekends. I'd suggest drive-thru anything, or Hy-Vee Chinese or Papa Murphy's take-n-bake, maybe just grilling some burgers & dogs.
  • There will be a lot of visitors in Sioux Falls. Be nice and patient. That guy trying to cut in front of you in the turning lane on 41st Street is bringing some cash with him to spend; which goes back into our economy, which ends up in paychecks, better streets & parks, police and fire protection, jobs - the usual.
  • Having a "Friends in Low Places" Fire Pit Festival in your own backyard (complete with other non-concert going friends,Garth music, favorite brews and grilled goodies) could be a lot of fun and imminently less stressful than getting all duded up, trolling for a primo parking spot before the show and navigating the traffic after it.
  • You'll probably hear a lot of post-concert badinage involving phrases like: "OMG you didn't go to any of the shows!! Are you crazy?"; "You have no idea what you missed"; "Those two are so cute together!"; "You know Trisha uses the same conditioner that I do!"; "Garth & I definitely had a moment. No, I'm not kidding! He was looking right at me!"

Hope this helps. As for me, I'll probably indulge in a Netlix marathon of something or other, while munching popcorn and sipping a Henry's Hard Grape soda. Now that's living!

(Full disclosure update: I ended up going to the Sunday night concert courtesy of my dear friends Todd & Roxanne Heitkamp, who gifted me with their extra ticket.)

Source: Patty's little gray cells

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