People love their dogs. That is not merely a statement, it is a fact. A fact which has been thoroughly researched for years by a number of different organizations. The only revelation from the latest study done by "The Dog People" at Rover, is the depths to which humans delve in showing and bestowing love on their canine companions.

The Real Power of Dog Love report was created with Valentine's Day in mind and in essence, confirms that we love our dogs as much, if not more (sometimes) than our human companions.

Some of the more interesting findings from this report:

  • More than half of dog lovers would consider ending a romantic relationship if their partner didn't like, or was allergic to dogs.
  • 47% cuddle their pups more than their romantic partner
  • Almost half of all dog owners planned a special Valentine's Day for their dog, which included a special outfit and dessert just for Fido
  • 67% of people surveyed admitted gazing lovingly into their dog's eyes
  • 1 in three pup parents has planned their entire weekend around doing things with and for their dogs.
  • 24% of people take more pictures with their dogs than family members or friends
  • A quarter of people responding actually continued a relationship because they loved their partner's dog

I will own up to many of the above-mentioned behaviors. I agree with the graphic t-shirt which says, "The more I meet people, the more I love my dog". I'll admit that I still sob uncontrollably every time I remember the day my last German Shepherd Bella died, so painfully and unexpectedly.

My younger sister stayed in an abusive relationship five years longer than anyone thought she would, because of the Newfoundland she helped her abuser raise. It wasn't a good reason, but it was her reason.

Those of us who have and have had "furry children", know the "power of dog love" is inexplicably, maddeningly strong.

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