No matter what else is going on in the world, kids always get excited by the thought of Halloween. The costumes, the fun, - - -okay- -the candy! Parents, though they may be less excited by the prospect of the looming holiday, do want their children to have a good experience.

Searching for a happy medium between an all-out "let's go crazy, running wild through the neighborhood" Halloween, and a safer, but just as a fun adventure, became a whole lot easier when the Empire Mall decided to put together their "Mall-O-Ween"!

It is coming up on Saturday, October 30, from 4 to 6 PM. So be sure everyone (that means you Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grampa, etc.) gets those costumes on and heads for the center court of the Empire Mall where everything kicks off.

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There will be crafts to make and take, games to play for prizes, lots of other spooky fun, and of course, plenty of treats!

There is even a free photo booth, so you can get some truly weird and wonderful photos of you and your kids, that you can use for blackmail when they graduate from high school!

Your trick-or-treaters will find even more goodies by strolling around the mall and stopping into over twenty participating "Mall-O-Ween" restaurants and stores.

For more information about The Empire Mall's "Mall-O-Ween" event, see their website, Facebook page, or call 605-361-3300.


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