If you live in Sioux Falls and you love it, this article isn't for you. You already know why it received the distinction of the "Coolest City in South Dakota" from The Discoverer (an online travel publication that spotlights travel-worthy spots around the globe).

But for everyone else's edification, let's examine what The Discoverer saw in Sioux Falls which led them to love it too.

They were impressed by the opportunities for outdoor adventures, both in the city and in nearby nature areas. Specifically, mentioning our namesake, Falls Park, followed by Good Earth State Park, and Big Sioux Rec Area by Brandon.

They were pleasantly surprised by Falls Park's 123 acres, along with the other areas because they are big on finding hiking and biking trails. Anytime a city offers places to get out and explore natural areas within a short distance, The Discoverer is all over it!

The Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk didn't escape their attention either. Our Trip Advisor 2020 Travelers' Choice Winning attraction was impressive to them because it offers a wide exploration of Downtown Sioux Falls, as well as highlighting artists and artwork from our area and across the country.

The final entry in their comments about Sioux Falls suggested a visit to a "keystone in the community for the last century". This of course being the beautiful Cathedral of St. Joseph.

These are all great reasons as to why Sioux Falls is the coolest city in South Dakota, but I wonder if they missed the Great Plains Zoo, or all of our amazing museums, the remainder of our remarkable park system, the Washington Pavilion, the entire width and breadth of the dining scene in town, and so much more!

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