We were short of a lot of things over the last year-and-a-half;  toilet paper, hand sanitizer, meat, - - patience.

The one thing we weren't lacking, was heroes. We needed them so much and thankfully they were all around us. They came in the form of frontline workers everywhere - at our grocery stores, in our hospitals and clinics, our military service people, police, firefighters, EMTs, and many more.

That is the whole idea behind "The Hero Experience" which is coming up this Saturday, June 5, from 9 AM to 3 PM at the South Dakota Military Alliance at 1600 West Russell Street and why you and your children will want to be there.

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Members from each branch of the military, along with honored veterans groups, and first responders will be on hand to meet and greet and to inspire. And, as if that weren't enough, Sioux Falls Batman, Captain America and their friends will also be at the event.

This will be a very special day filled with fun activities, games, and conversations with real American heroes. They will also have their awesome vehicles with them for you to check out and take pictures with.

If you're in need of a snack, or lunch, or just a cool drink, food trucks will be in the parking lot for you to enjoy.

Then at 7 PM, the Hero/Villain Charity Dinner and Magic Show begins, featuring a wonderful dinner, cocktails, an auction and Magician Travis Nye performing. Keynote speakers are the Children's Miracle Network Champion family, the Gitzens.

All proceeds from this event benefit the Sanford Children's Miracle Network.

You can reserve your tickets now.

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