First National Bank is celebrating it's 135th Anniversary this month (September) by giving a $10,000 gift to the community! The best part is- - you get to help decide which four non-profit charitable organizations get a piece of that financial pie.

This is the 8th year in a row that First National Bank (FNB) has given a boost to the bottom line of 4 wonderful organizations doing good works in our area with the FNB "Give First" competition. Last year, the winners were, All Cats Rescue, Midwest Honor Flight, The Banquet, and Children’s Inn, so they will not be eligible this year.

During the nomination phase of this bracket-style event (through Monday, September 14) you can recommend your favorite non-profits as many times as you want, but once brackets are set, you can only vote once per bracket.

First National Bank has made the nominating process super easy this year too. You just go to their website nomination page, type in the name of the non-profit you want to nominate, and hit submit. Boom, you're done! Unless of course, you want to nominate tons of them or nominate your faves over and over.

The most important thing is, to spread the word about nominations and bracket winners with family, friends, co-workers, on social media, and anywhere else you can think of, so your favorite non-profits get as much consideration as possible.

The winning organizations will be announced on FNB's Facebook page and website on Thursday, October 8.

You can find more information, complete rules, and FAQs about this wonderful event on the First National Bank Sioux Falls website, on their Facebook page, or call (605)-335-5200 or 1-800-339-1160.

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