The Sioux Empire Fair is one of the premier family fun events of the year. Unfortunately, as you can see in the disturbing videos below, it appears some awful individuals are ruining that experience.

It's alleged that in some sort of perverted attempt for attention kids are walking up to unsuspecting people at the Sioux Empire Fair and sucker punching them in the head while others record it and post the video on Snapchat.

Kelly Roskens posted such an attack of facebook explaining: “people involved in the attack were video taping for the fun of it and posting to a site in Sioux Falls where kids can view certain things that others cannot!!! All of this has been turned in to the detective and is now under investigation.

Roskens stated in her post with the videos:

I have debated this post throughout the day although i feel for the safety of other parents and their children i must post a brief description and a couple videos of what happened to my youngest Son (who is 15 years) early evening (around 730pm last night) at the Sioux Empire fair. My son went out to the fair to meet a couple of his buddies and was literally attacked after getting off a ride. After speaking with my Son when he got home and on the phone with the sheriffs department throughout the evening until 1230am this is what is now being investigated. I will not go into details at this point because in fact my ex husband and I were speaking with a detective today.

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