Unless your mattress is stuffed with hundred dollar bills, you're driving a Porsche, or your bathroom houses a gold-plated toilet, you probably like to save money as often as humanly possible. (That doesn't necessarily make you a cheapskate but if you are, more power to you!)

Valentine's Day should be no exception. I recently came across a Cheat Sheet article on how to have a wonderful, yet inexpensive Valentine's Day. There were some great ideas, but some of them would have no application here in Sioux Falls.

For example, a mountaintop picnic, while lovely in thought, is virtually impossible here because, a) no mountains, (I suppose you could sit on a burial mound at Sherman Park, but surely that is in poor taste) and b) hello, it's still winter here! (Although, I guess you could spread a blankie out on the living room floor and pretend that ants are invading your fried chicken).

In any case here are 5 great ideas from that article:

  1. Taco Tuesday Valentine's Night at Home - Oh I know, at first blush, you're thinking, "Well that's not very special!" Au contraire mon ami! Romance is what you make it and being the homebodies that many of us working people are, coming home to homemade tacos and margaritas could be just the thing to warm your heart and soothe your romantic soul. (Or a trip to Taco John's for the tacos & then home would work too, but maybe that's just me.)
  2. Night skiing, or tubing, or snowboarding - Two words; Great Bear! Inexpensive, fun and cozy in The Lodge with hot chocolate and warm food when you're done.
  3. Brewery tour - Although Sioux Falls is blessed with Fernson Brewery, Hydra Beer Company, Monk's House of Ale Repute and others, you'd be more likely to have a terrific brew or brew and a meal at these great places, than a tour. Although there is at least one brew pub tour a year, (that I know of) here in Sioux Falls, just not for Valentine's Day.
  4. Staycation - No it's not Hawaii or Belize, but it won't cost nearly as much either! So ship the kids off to the grandparents,rent a romantic movie and order dinner in, or check out the wonderful bed & breakfasts around Sioux Falls.
  5. Pretend you're tourists - We have amazing museums, the Downtown Art Walk, the Washington Pavilion, the Falls and so much more. Even if you've lived here forever, maybe it's been awhile since you really checked out the city. Follow this up with a simple candlelit dinner of ordered in pizza or Chinese and you're set!

Source: CheatSheet.com

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