Two people are being sought by Minnehaha County Sheriff's Deputies for tampering with video lottery tickets in at least two South Dakota counties.

KDLT News is reporting that deputies are attempting to locate 33-year-old Coye Nohava and 27-year-old Brittany King. Warrants for both suspects have been issued in connection with forging video lottery tickets by changing the winnings on tickets to a higher dollar amount.

Authorities told KDLT News, they believe the two suspects have allegedly done this to video lottery tickets from various gas stations and casino bars located in both Minnehaha and Lincoln counties in South Dakota.

According to KDLT News, both suspects are wanted on a $5,000 bond.

Authorities also want to remind businesses with video lottery casinos to pay special attention while checking winning video lottery tickets, to make sure they are not forgeries.

Anyone with further information regarding the whereabouts of Nohava and King, are asked to please contact authorities or Crime Stoppers at 605-367-7007. 

Source: KDLT TV

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