A few months back I trashed my propane grill and purchase a Traeger Tailgater Jr. pellet smoker. Since then I've been a smokin' fool.

My wife says I've developed an unhealthy relationship with my Traeger. But it's getting to be a passion that I share with thousands of other folks around the nation.

As proof check out this Traeger facebook page with it's 65,000 plus members. They know what I'm talkin' about.

Last night I tried something new on the pellet grill. I whipped up a batch of 'Traeger Smoked Spicy Ranch Cheez-Its'. Don't judge me.

Cheez-it Stuff
Ben Davis

Here's what ya do. I placed a health spread of Cheez-It crackers on a perforated pan. Then I sprayed a generous amount of Canola oil over all the whole batch, coated them with a healthy portion of Hidden Valley Ranch powder and cayenne pepper.

Cheez-It Tray
Ben Davis

I smoked the Cheez-its at +180 of 1 hour. And they are awesome! Give 'em a shot and let me know what you think?

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