Leave it to the tremendously talented, creative, and funny guys in Tonic Sol-Fa to put together a not-to-be-missed holiday event and do it virtually. The difference, however,  between this and many other virtual music events, is - - they won't be doing it from their basements or in the backyard of one of the guys' houses.

They've been working on something truly special over the last few months and are announcing their first-ever "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Virtual Tour! This online event will feature two extraordinary musical groups - - Emmy award-winning Tonic Sol-Fa and Top 5 Billboard artist, Shaun Johnson & the Big Band Experience. They'll be combining a series of live personalized performances with surprise special guests.

Only 200 tickets are available in each city for what they're calling a "pay what you will" virtual event. Tickets go on sale at noon this Thursday, September 24th.

Each 60-minute virtual performance is tailored to a particular city, theater, and local charity with a changing setlist of songs. You'll also be hearing new material from an unreleased, upcoming album, have access to limited tour merchandise, and an interactive Question & Answer session with Shaun Johnson and others.

As usual, these guys always have a charitable angle to their performances, so a portion of ticket sales will support local venues until they can go live again. Also, the Children's Music Fund (providing kids with life-altering illness music therapy programs) will receive a contribution.

I don't know about you, but as a longtime Tonic Sol-Fa stalker, I'm hoping Plastic Santa is one of their special guests. It just wouldn't be a holiday season for me without him making a weirdly funny appearance!

For a special VIP Access code and more info see the Tonic Sol-Fa Facebook page.

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