This is one of those good news, bad news stories. The good news? Yes, Sioux Falls has three of the lowest-priced grocers in the country. The bad news is you might not find exactly what you want by shopping just one, or even all of them.

Consumer Reports takes a yearly survey of 50,000 shoppers to determine their shopping habits and how much they are spending at 60 supermarket chains. They also compare prices of grocery staples for each group looking for the most affordable prices.

When all was said and done, three grocery store groups in Sioux Falls ended up in their most affordable top 12, (excluding military commissaries and Wisconsin's Festival Foods). Hy-Vee also had a respectable showing but received only fair ratings in the competitive prices and prices of organic options categories.

The three most affordable grocers in Sioux Falls (according to the score given by Consumer Reports) are:

  1. Fareway
  2. Costco
  3. Aldi

There were other very interesting discoveries which came out of their latest survey. 68% of Americans shop at 5 or more types of food retailers, cherry-picking (as it were) to get the best deals. Many shoppers even shop at more than one of a particular type of store (Costco & Sam's Club for instance) in order to find the items they want at a price they want to pay.

Consumer Reports also surmises that with shopper loyalty at an all-time low, independent or smaller grocers are having a hard time surviving.

You can find the complete listing of grocery store groups and some great tips for grocery shopping in general at Consumer Reports.

Source: Consumer Reports



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