I'm always extremely leery when I see a headline like the one above. I honestly find myself on the defensive and full of questions almost immediately. How do they know? Who does this apply to? What if you work the swing shift or shuffle between different shifts at your place of employment? Not everyone is a 9-to-5-er!

However, I do think that any article offering to improve one's entire day, month, year and/or life, is worth a peek, even if it has no application to you. You may feel free to roll your eyes as you read, or utter a deep sign and eye-roll when you finish reading the 3 offered tips. I know I did!

Here then, are 3 ways to change your entire day by starting your morning in a better, happier, more productive way, (Geez, my eyes are rolling already!) according to Today.com writer Gabrielle Frank. She apparently rounded up a bunch of research and distilled it down, assuming everyone lives the same life and keeps the same hours. And as long as I'm criticizing, she actually suggested four, but only counted them at three!

  1. Don't hit the snooze on your alarm - Snoozing only makes you more tired, and you end up running later than you'd like, so you're already starting your day on a bad note. (Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, Zzzzzz!)
  2. Wait to drink your coffee - For an hour, anyway, because your "alert" hormones are at high levels in the morning. (Apparently my hormones aren't aware of what they're supposed to be doing at 4 AM, so I drag them and the rest of me to the coffee maker to teach them a lesson!)
  3. Change your shower routine - Go through your usual cleaning routine, then crank the water to as cold as you can and stand under it for 30 seconds, then go as hot as you can stand it for another 30, then back to cold for another 30 and out. (The mere water whiplash this would cause, might lead me to throat-punch the first person I'd see in the morning! But again, that's just me.)
  4. Work out before you go to work - Studies have indicated doing so increases your energy expenditure and your self-esteem. (I have no argument for the fact that exercise has all kinds of benefits, physically and mentally, but getting up an hour or two earlier to exercise, which would be 2 AM, has all the appeal to me, of being hit by a bus!)

What do you think? Would this work for you?

Source: Today.com

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