How are you navigating this whole COVID-19 pandemic so far? Is being cooped up inside the house, working from home, homeschooling the kids, watching and listening to all the grim coronavirus news day after day have you going bonkers yet?

We're only three weeks into this pandemic, and it still blows my mind how much the world has changed in such a short period of time. Things we all used to take for granted seem like distant memories at times.

I was never much of a social butterfly before the world came off the rails, but there are definitely some things I am jonesing to do again real soon. (Fingers crossed).

As I was reflecting on all the changes in society the other day, it got me to thinking about what I plan to do once the "all clear" finally sounds, and we flip the "on" switch to society once again.

Let's hope that day arrives much sooner than the experts are predicting. Until then, do me a favor and continue to practice the CDC social distancing guidelines, wash your hands like you were Howard Hughes, be kind to your family and friends, don't focus on the all negativity on TV right now, instead, look for good people doing good things to support each other during these uncertain times.

Remember, all this will eventually come to an end, and we're gonna be a stronger generation of people because of it.

Until then, take a look at a partial list of things I am looking forward to once life returns to normal again.

Things I Miss as a Result of COVID-19


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