The Washington Pavilion's Performance Series first show is The Play That Goes Wrong.

It is a bit of a change for their series. This show is not a musical. I repeat there is no singing and dancing. Which for some is a plus, but for me, I was hesitant. Will I still like this show as much as a musical? The answer is yes.

The Play That Goes Wrong is described as, "What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python had an illegitimate Broadway baby? You’d get THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG."

As someone that has been in a theatre production, I found parts of this show sooooo relatable. There is never a perfect show. Things always go wrong. Maybe not to the extent they do in this show, but overall, so relatable.

Also, as someone that has been in a theatre production, it is amazing the timing and precision that goes into a lot of the 'things going wrong'. There are so many things that could wrong trying to make things go wrong. Does that make sense?

All the actors had impeccable timing. And kudos to their prop/production/tech people! Great job!

My favorite thing about this show was Florence 2. Or at least that is what my friend and I called the woman who plays Florence when the original Florence can't. She was hilarious.

The show is full of physical comedy, slapstick, British farce, and even a bit of magic shows up towards the end. And overall it is a mystery. I really did want to know who dunnit!

I'm a sucker for a signature drink! The signature drink for this show, cleverly titled The Drink That Goes Wrong, was delicious and it contained dry ice! The best! Totally worth it!

Sioux Falls is actually the first stop on tour for this production of The Play That Goes Wrong. So go check out the show and give them a warm Sioux Falls welcome. We will set the tone for their whole tour!

The show has to more performances. Today, October 19th at 2 PM and 7:30 PM.

Tickets are available here.



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