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If you've been on a date recently, you know it's not cheap. As a matter of fact, when you start to put pen to paper, it can be quite an eye opening experience.

A nice meal and drinks for two at a decent restaurant, with tip is probably going to run you at least $100.00. Tack on a couple of movie tickets, soda and some popcorn, there goes another 35 bucks! Wait, don't forget about gas money.

Let's face it, by the time you're done trying to impress Mr. or Ms. Right you're looking at spending around $200.00 easily.

According to a new study on the cost of dating, the average person will end up spending a whopping $17,265 on dates in their pursuit to find a soul mate in their lifetime.

Here are some other dating factoids:

  • The average person goes on 13 first dates before finding the person of their dreams.


  • You'll have 11 romantic dinners with different people.


  • Seven dating disasters.


  • And one in five guys said they've even taken a woman on a vacation while they were just dating, because they thought it would impress them.

When it comes to dating, the first year is the most expensive. Couples spend an average of $5, 7000 on each other during the first year. That number drops to around $4,200 in year two, but spikes back up to around $4,700 a year during the first year after a couple gets engaged.

After you start looking at all the numbers, you and your sweetie might want to give some serious thought to sneaking in your own Junior Mints the next time the two of you go to a movie. Hey, anything to save a little cash right?

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