I love camping. And I really enjoy state park camping. On a recent adventure we stayed at Backbone State Park in eastern Iowa, close to the Iowa-Wisconsin border.

Backbone State Park is the oldest state park in Iowa. The park itself was dedicated in 1919. In the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC built a dam and created Backbone Lake.

The CCC also constructed a majority of trails and stone buildings throughout the park. One of those old stone buildings is the Boathouse located on the south shore of Backbone Lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

One afternoon we were out site seeing we strolled up the steps leading to the tower of the Boathouse. Once we were standing looking out at the awesome view of the lake we noticed some loud squeaking.

That's when we looked up and saw bunches of little black bats clinging to the ceiling of the boathouse tower.

If bats freak you out, this was one of those Stephen King moments. Bat's have never bothered me so I just stood there and recorded this footage, until I realized I was standing in a big pile of bat poo. That freaked me out.

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