Although our very fall-like weather has most of us still wearing jackets, and occasionally mittens, (or is that just me?) Memorial Day is right around the corner and it's the traditional start of the summer season. In fact, this week (May 20-26) is designated as Healthy and Safe Swimming Week.

Summer and swimming go together like peanut butter & jelly, Lewis & Clark, mac & cheese, Penn & Teller -- you get the idea!

Before you go and jump in, or let your kids cannonball in - -I'm here to ruin the fun! Well, not me, really. I'll leave that to the Water Quality & Health Council, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the Pool and Hot tub Alliance (PHTA).

They recently commissioned a survey from Sachs Media Group which revealed some disturbing data.

  • More than half of Americans use a swimming pool as a communal bathtub - either swimming instead of showering or using the pool to rinse off after strenuous yard work or exercise session. (Yuck!)

Even though...

  • 64% of Americans admit they know pool chemicals don't eliminate the need to shower before going swimming, but they don't or won't shower anyway. (Double yuck!)

Additionally. . .

  • 40% of people in this survey admitted they have peed in the pool- -as an adult! (Yucky poo! Or in this case--pee!)

Speaking of the other "p" word, I won't list any additional statistics because they only get worse and more disgusting from here.

Swimmers beware!

Oh and - -have a great summer!

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