Ask most any parent, and I'd be willing to bet their primary concern is going to be the safety of their children. That concern gets ratcheted up a few levels as their kids head back to school.

The parents of some elementary school age kids in Brandon are feeling that concern right now after a strange man has been reported lurking around the Brandon Valley Elementary School in recent days.

KSFY TV is reporting that an unidentified man has been seen watching, and in some cases even walking up to children and asking them strange questions.

Brandon Valley School District officials told KSFY TV they contacted the Brandon Valley Police Department immediately after the first complaint was reported.

The Brandon Valley School even sent out an email to parents alerting them of the importance of student safety and stranger danger according to the report.

Brandon Valley Superintendent, Jarod Larson told KSFY, “We are certainly taking action steps necessary to keep our kids safe and then we are also engaging with our parents regarding conversations with their own specific child. We provide supervision that’s vigilant.”

As you might imagine, there are some parents that still feel these steps might not be enough to solve the potential problem.

The Brandon Valley Police are asking for the public's help in this matter. Should you have any additional information regarding this man, or witness any strange activity in or around the school yourself, you are asked to please contact authorities at 605-367-7000.

Source: KSFY TV

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