I am fully convinced that Jim Gaffigan can make almost anything funny. Even a sore subject (for me) like storage units. He turns it into an almost patriotic exercise of our existence in the U.S. And makes me realize, that even though it is a ridiculous and most of the time costly practice, I am far from alone.

When my dad passed away in 1993, then the house I was living in flooded in November of 1994 and I moved to a tiny house in 1995; renting a storage unit wasn't just a choice, it was a necessity. At least in my mind.

Both of my late parents were collectors and packrats and unfortunately passed the characteristic down to their three daughters. Since I was the only one left living in Sioux Falls, it was up to me to either rid myself of all stored items (in one way or another) or continue to pay for, not just one, but two huge storage units, to the tune of over $100 a month.

My best buddy, Ben, made it a habit over our first decade together of reminding me how much money I was wasting on stuff that had no value, (other than emotional) and made it clear that I could have purchased a home, a new vehicle and many other purposeful, meaningful items with the money I was paying others to store worthless stuff.

I knew he was right from the beginning, (if anyone ever tells him that, I'll deny it until I die) especially as the costs mounted. Eventually, I sent most of it to an local auction house and got next to nothing for items which truly should have been worth more. But that is the chance you take for relinquishing control.

However I still had too much stuff to jam into my little house, so, yes, I still have a storage unit. And yes, it is most likely still full of things with little value to anyone but me and my sisters. Finally, yes, I will eventually go through it and release what is left there, but it might not be this year, or next.

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