It's a Christmas miracle for the gang at Tracy Area Animal Rescue: Holly the stolen rat terrier puppy is back home!

Perhaps last week you remember hearing the story of a puppy that was stolen from an animal meet and greet at the Bomgaars in Luverne, Minnesota? Well, that little puppy was Holly.

KDLT News reported that someone stole Holly from the Tracy Area Animal Rescue meet and greet on Saturday (December 3) as the animal rescue center was attempting to help puppies find new forever homes.

Beth Capistran a volunteer with the Tracy Area Animal Rescue says, "There is an adoption process that is required and we were worried that she wouldn't be receiving good care or wouldn't be safe."

Unbeknownst to the person who stole Holly, she had a parasitic infection and was on medicine to fight it. She could have died if not given the proper medication.

Capistran says the folks at Tracy Animal Rescue are so very grateful the person who took Holly had a change of heart and decided to anonymously return her to the Sioux Falls Humane Society on Tuesday (December 6).

Capistran believes social media played a large part in her being returned. Many people at Tracy Animal Rescue posted that Holly had gone missing on social media.  Those posts were shared 800 times. In addition to all the social media chatter, many local TV and radio stations shared Holly's story as well. The combined effort helped Holly get back home.

The story truly does have a happy ending. Not only did Holly find her way back to Tracy Animal Rescue, she also has an adoption lined up with a permanent family just in time for Christmas. Her new owners will be picking her up next week.

Source: KDLT News

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