With crime on the rise seemingly everywhere these days, police are relying on surveillance cameras more and more as a method to help them solve a number of the crimes being committed.

Over the past week alone, here in Sioux Falls, two different homicides were committed. As Dakota News Now reports, police have yet to identify any suspects or make any arrests. However, they remain hopeful that additional resources like footage from residential surveillance cameras with help aid their investigations.

Security cameras are popping up on more and more homes throughout the city. Consequently, the footage captured on them is helping law enforcement to solve many crimes being committed.

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According to Dakota News Now, Sioux Falls resident Mark Fenderson decided to put security cameras on the outside of his home after a car clipped his vehicle as it was driving down his street.

Fenderson, who lives in the neighborhood of Duluth and 21st, recently provided police with surveillance footage from his home cameras that will hopefully be useful in helping to solve a recent homicide that happened in that area of Sioux Falls.


A little over a year ago, I put about five different security cameras on the exterior of my westside Sioux Falls home. They were fairly inexpensive and have helped to provide my family with an additional sense of security while we are away from our home.

Each time one of the cameras detects motion around our home, my wife and I receive a text on our phones that provides us with a few seconds of surveillance footage.

It's kinda crazy what you'll see on any given day. The footage can range from little critters wandering into the camera's field of view to a few shady cats, and I don't mean felines, wandering through the neighborhood in the middle of the night on occasion.

One thing is for certain we always know when the Fed Ex, UPS, and Amazon delivery people arrive. It sure helps to reduce the threat of being victimized by porch pirates.

For that reason alone, I highly recommend getting home security cameras installed.

In addition to surveillance cameras, another thing right now that has proven to be extremely helpful to police is neighborhood watch groups. Dakota News Now reports at last check that there are over 60 watch groups in Sioux Falls at this time. Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department says tips from these various groups can help solve many different types of crimes.

Clemens told Dakota News Now, “Those little calls, they can actually lead to bigger crimes. And we’ve actually seen that before. Those little things that people are committing, those little crimes. Once the detectives get involved and start piecing it together, they realize it could be tied into a larger, more serious crime.”

I know for a fact that law enforcement agencies always welcome the information that is provided to them by local neighborhood watch programs.

That is a big reason why you always hear police say, when you see anything out of the ordinary, please call them immediately!

Source: Dakota News Now


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