***Note: When it comes to the word famous or in the case of this story I plan on using the word  as defined by Webster as "known about by many people."

When I searched the internet for the "most famous hotel in South Dakota" my search resulted in this home away from home.

The Bavarian Inn was at the top of the list. This hotel is located in The Black Hills and offers a continental breakfast for hotel guests with a bit of a twist. Their breakfast is a help yourself pancake & parfait bar! Not to mention the cookie happy hour every afternoon from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. To go with all your sweet treats they offer coffee, hot chocolate, and tea daily until 10:00 pm.


Guests can choose from several different suite options and one option includes quite an adorable little balcony. This hotel isn't like your standard chain hotel place either as it appears to have more of a homey touch to the room's decor; which one can appreciate if they are away from home on extended vaca.

This little hotel sounds like it would make a great stop on your next trip out to The Black Hills!

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Who doesn't love getting into a bed with nice and soft bed sheets after a long day huh?

I bet these would be nice and soft after a shower. You can't have too many towels around the house, right?


Aw pillows. Some hotels have the softest ones I've ever slept on.