If there were a food network for millennials, it would be Spoon University. It was started as a website by two twenty-somethings while they were still students at Northwestern University in Illinois.

The two young women had no idea how to cook for themselves and weren't sure where the best, affordable places to eat in their area were. So they solicited advice from their peers and the enterprise really took off.

Now they offer recipes, lifestyle and health articles, quizzes, and countrywide reviews and roundups of the "best of the best" food items; from pizza to burgers, french fries to sandwiches, milkshakes to steaks, and pies to cupcakes.

When it came to the best cupcakes in every state they turned to sources like Walking On Travels for input, as well as the student Spoon University editors they have on college campuses coast-to-coast.

After compiling info and opinions they determined that South Dakota's best cupcake can be found at Oh My Cupcakes in Sioux Falls. In fact, today, August 21, is their 8th birthday and you're invited to stop by for a free, celebration mini-cupcake.

Congrats to Melissa Johnson and her cupcake "ninjas" for this nice little distinction! Frost on!

Fin more information on Oh My Cupcakes online and on Facebook.

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