When  I first heard a sentence with the phrase "third stimulus payment" in it, I thought to myself, "Third? Really? What the heck did I do with the first two. And, when am I getting the third one?

I know I paid some bills, bought a pair of shoes, went to Montana for Christmas- -oh there it is. That Christmastime trip was spendy. But I can't imagine not being with my family at Christmas.

But that only explains the second check of $600. Where did the first one go? Oh well, on to the next question- - "When am I getting the next one?"

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Actually, the answer to that question has been made much easier by the IRS. Yup the IRS. They have a specific website page that can help you pinpoint when you should be getting that next payment.

It also can answer numerous questions that might be on your mind, like:

  • Do I pay taxes on these stimulus payments?
  • I expected a direct deposit of my check, why is it being mailed to me?
  • Why am I getting the message, "Payment Status Not Available"?
  • My address has changed, what do I do?
  • My bank account information has changed or was incorrect, can I  update it with the Get My Payment tool?

These and many more questions can be answered on the Get My Payment page on the IRS website.

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