A South Dakota man had anything but a smile on his face recently when he cracked open a Coca-Cola and allegedly found a dead mouse in the can.

KDLT News is reporting that Duane Putzier is in the process of suing the Coca-Cola Company after he claims he became sick as a result of taking a drink from the tainted Coke can.

According to the KDLT News report, Putzier became ill, missed a total of 60 hours of work and accumulated $1,000 in medical bills after finding a slightly decomposed mouse inside a Coca-Cola can on June 7.

Attorneys for Coca-Cola claim the mouse would have been far more decomposed if it really had been inside the can for six weeks. That's the amount of time that would have transpired between bottling and the time Putzier consumed the beverage.

Brian Johnson, an attorney for Coca-Cola claims Putzier's suit is nothing more than an attack on the Atlanta-based company’s brand. Coca-Cola takes these type of cases very seriously and tries them all.

Putzier is asking for $2,026 in the suit, along with any general damages proven at trial, with interest.

Source: KDLT TV

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