When Fortune went looking for great cities to live in across the country, they had different criteria than a lot of other surveys. For this study, they were looking for cities that nurture.

Okay, they didn't honestly say that- - but what they did say is they were looking for cities where there was strong support for young people and families. The reason for this was born during the pandemic when loneliness became a huge problem for a major portion of the population.

Loneliness, as it turns out can be a life-shortening situation, as it can cause devastating mental and physical illness. So a supportive environment was the most important factor when Fortune was choosing its list of 2023 Best Places to Live for Families.

What exactly does that mean? Well, apparently it is a whole lot of what we have here in Sioux Falls!

Fortune analyzed 1900 U.S. cities looking for the Top 50 with the best and/or most healthcare and education resources, as well as plentiful beneficial assets for seniors. And this year for the first time they chose the best place to live in all 50 states.

Sioux Falls is the best city for families to live in, in South Dakota, according to Fortune, and the 35th best city to live in, out of all the cities in the country that they examined!

They praised our health systems, our Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History, as well as our parks and other recreational resources in the area, plus a whole lot more.

To read the entire article just see the Fortune 50 Best Places to Live for Families.

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