Just when I was getting used to the idea of Baby Goat Yoga along comes two equally weird but real things which are purported to have life-changing effects on its participants. At least you don't have to go into a trance and walk over hot coals! (Unless of course you really want to).

Sleep coaching is exactly what it sounds like; you hire someone to help you achieve better quality sleep. Two years ago, Consumer Reports spoke with a representative of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, who indicated there was "little evidence that people who hire these coaches actually sleep better." They suggest you have your doctor refer you for some cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, instead.

A lot of research has been done on the benefits of having pets. Just being around your dog, cat or other animal can make you healthier and happier by lowering stress and your blood pressure, helping you make connections with other pet lovers, and also relieve loneliness.

But let's say you just don't want or can't have pets and are looking for a moo-ving experience for around $300 per couple, for 90 minutes, Mountain Horse Farm in New York state is the place to go. Although if this becomes a "thing", I could see this becoming an alternative income stream for South Dakota farmers.

According to its creators, cow cuddling, because cows are very sensitive and intuitive, "can bring relaxation, healing, awareness about your body language, comfort, mindfulness, build assertiveness, help with overcoming fear, build confidence, lets you be playful and teaches you to set boundaries.”

Before you start thinking this is "udderly" ridiculous, remember all the money people spend on life coaches, sleep coaches, personal improvement books, seminars, and podcasts, team-building retreats, and the list goes on.

Forget Tony Robbins, go hug a cow!

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