Time for a little psychology. Let's do a check on our day to day vocabulary.

There are six words that we use loosely without even realizing how much they hold us back. They have an affect on both you and the people you are speaking to.

These are all simple common words. Take a look at the list and give it some thought.

Six Words To Eliminate from Your Vocabulary:

  1. Just: Used to describe something that recently happened. Listeners want more specific, such as one hour ago
  2. Should: Automatically suggests regret or worse yet, it hands over obligation
  3. But: Reflects on objections, contrast and the negative
  4. Always: Completely takes away the idea of change
  5. Actually: Leads to bad communication because it suggests surprise. Can kill a positive statement. Example: "He actually passed his test."
  6. Never: Goes directly in hand with defeat

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