A few weeks ago when we featured Urban Legends in Sioux Falls, Spook Road was a hot topic and many people seemed to have a story of their own to share.

Spook Road is in the country side just east of Sioux Falls.  Although the stories can sound creepy, it's actually beautiful drive...in the daytime.

Here is the folklore of Spook Road that has come in since our original story:

Betsey e-mailed this chilling story:

I actually know the truth behind the start of Spook Road! You had a good start, teenagers did start it... in the mid-sixties. I used to work with one of them and they were pranksters. One of the guys worked in a butcher shop and got a hold of blood and some goat heads. They put the heads on stakes by one of the bridges. One of the guys was driving the girls. The other two did the set up. At one point there was a bonfire going with them dancing around it.  As they came upon the goat heads buckets of blood were thrown on the car.  The girls freaked out and the guys...(got their payoff, providing a lot of physical comfort).  They had a lot of shenanigans, but this one actually became legend!

Dar commented on Facebook:

Spook Road...ah the memories. There’s a couple other stories about it, like a mysterious bridge.  I still get a laugh now vaguely recall when a prank was pulled on a few classmates as the girls drove down the road, the boyfriends had set it up and jumped out at the girls.  Scared the crap outta them.

Many stories came in about the number of bridges on Spook Road.  If you counted the bridges while driving east and turned back, there would mysteriously be one less bridge
on the way back west.

Brad remembered a body that was discovered near Spook Road, buried upside down in the 80's.  He sent the newspaper clipping to prove it.

Shawn wrote:

I used to date a guy who's mom had a newspaper article of a woman that was found hanging from one of the bridges along spook road.  Also as a teen we used to sneak in the park and one night we came upon a KKK meeting...weird


Gloria heard about it and decided to follow up with the authorities:

I remember my children coming home from school in the 70's having heard that the Klu Klux Klan had been spotted doing a ceremony along Spook Road. I called the Sheriff to ask about that one. They'd had no reports of anything like that.

I still think Spook Road is nothing more than teenagers making up stories and having some fun scaring each other.  We have friends who live on Spook Road enjoying the tranquil setting and tall trees that provide a canopy over the road.  They also just thanked me for not revealing the location of Spook Road either because they'd like it to remain a quiet road.

If you have any stories on Urban Legends or other stories you'd like to have checked out, just send me an e-mail.

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