It is hard to imagine what Victorian-era Sioux Falls would have been like. But obviously, there was then, as there is now, a need for help for the homeless, hungry and helpless. On March 17, 1900, the Sioux Falls City Rescue Mission was founded and later became the Union Gospel Mission.

In celebration of 120 years of the Union Gospel Mission's work for, and with, the less fortunate in our community, they are holding an Open House event on Tuesday, March 17, from 11:30, AM to 7 PM, at 701 E. 8th Street.

The shelter's work remains the same as it ever was, providing food, clothing, shelter, and care" to all in need, while spreading the "Gospel of Salvation by Grace in Christ".

Visitors to the Open House will be able to tour the Union Gospel Mission's headquarters in the historic building where it resides, attend a chapel service, have a meal in the cafeteria and perhaps even do a bit of shopping in the thrift store.

For more information, see Union Gospel Mission online, on Facebook, or call 605-334-6732.

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