Valentine's Day is looming in the near future and for some Sioux Falls singles, the search goes on for that lifetime partner, soulmate, love of your life. Oh who are we kidding, you're looking for someone to share a pizza and a video with this weekend! Someone who won't drain your checking account and leave town with your 50-inch TV. Right?

Well, there is good news and bad news for those still hoping to find love in the Sioux Empire. WalletHub published their latest findings on the Best & Worst Cities for Singles in December 2016. You can check out the full report,  just in case you're considering moving to one of the best places to look for romance.

The good news here in Sioux Falls, is that there are plenty of restaurants to take a date to, plenty of bars where singles hang out, museums, movies, not to mention late-night grocery shopping which still seems to be a thing with singles, (not that I ever met a guy I'd look at twice in the cereal aisle at Hy-Vee!).

Statistics-wise, according to South Dakota demographics gathered by the Census Bureau in December 2016, singles in Sioux Falls comprise approximately 50% of the population-with both genders making up an almost even split of that 50%.

In the WalletHub study, Sioux Falls came in 46th out of 150 of the country's largest cities. Most of the high marks, of course, came in the economic reasons category.

Economically speaking, Sioux Falls is still a destination and a haven for singles moving for job promotions, (think financial and medical communities). Plus the cost-of-living here is much more reasonable than other areas of the country, so dating doesn't have to be a budget-killing proposition.

The bad news? Some people, (to be clear, I'm not one of them) think there isn't enough to do here in Sioux Falls. They also feel we lack diversity and plenitude in the music and nightclub scenes.

If you're still searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, and can't seem to make a go of it here in Sioux Falls, other options might include long-distance relationships or on-line dating, or you could simply decide that being single is just perfect for you. I have and I'm pretty happy about it. Unless Sam Elliott should become available anytime soon.

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