There were no shortage of fender benders in the Sioux Empire over the weekend, and with Monday's freezing rain and drizzle, things will not be getting any better anytime soon.

Dakota News Now is reporting the Sioux Falls PD responded to 102 different auto accidents between 8 PM on Friday (January 10) and 8 AM on Monday (January 13).

Slippery, snow-covered roads made travel throughout the city quite challenging all weekend and kept members of Sioux Falls finest on their toes the past 72 hours.

Dakota News Now reports that as of Sunday night, the Sioux Falls airport says we received just under two inches of new snowfall throughout most of the Sioux Empire.

Heavier amounts of snow have fallen further south in Iowa.

When the roads get icy and snow-covered like they are right now, it's important to be aware of your surroundings, be careful not to overdrive the conditions, go easy on your breaks, and always remember to wear your seat belt.

Source: Dakota News Now


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