CORRECTION: The Sioux Falls Police Department has issued a correction on this story. In their briefing, Sioux Falls Police Information Office Sam Clemens said the suspect and the victim were brother and sister. This was incorrect. The male relative was the uncle of the young victim. According to Clemens, the suspect and the girl's mother were brother and sister. The Sioux Falls Police Department issued an apology for any confusion.


Sioux Falls Police report that a family member has been arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted his 10-year-old sister during the weekend.

"Our suspect is a 28-year-old," Police spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "He spends the weekends at his mom's house with his other siblings. The victim in this case is a 10-year-old girl. On Saturday night, they went to bed. The girl got up and went to a different bedroom around 10 P.M. Step dad saw that and didn't think anything of it. But, he had second thoughts when things were quiet in the bedroom."

Clemens says that's when the step dad was shocked at what he saw.

"He sent inside to check and found the 28-year-old had pulled down the pants and underwear of his sister. He was performing oral sex on her.
The step dad yelled at them and got the two separated. Police were called. The suspect was arrested for 1st degree rape."

The suspect is identified as Cody Waldner of Sioux Falls.

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