How about the size of some of these potholes or should I say moon craters on Sioux Falls city streets right now?

Frightening is the only way to properly describe them. They are big, they are nasty, and they are just about everywhere on most of the well-traveled Sioux Falls city streets at the moment.

The extremely harsh winter we are seeing is not doing the streets in Sioux Falls any favors. Last week's foot of snow, now combined with warming temps is helping to sprout ginormous new potholes all over the Sioux Empire.

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And so far this year the city is facing a new problem thanks to all the snow we've received, the great majority of street crews are still focused on removing snow from city streets.

Dakota News Now reports, during a typical year, the city of Sioux Falls tends to repair around 5,000 potholes, however, this has not been your typical winter, therefore the city has only been able to spare one street crew right now that is dedicated to filling potholes. All the other crews are still playing catchup on snow removal at this time.

Dustin Hansen, street operations manager for the city of Sioux Falls told Dakota News Now, the city plans on prioritizing pothole filling once snow removal is done. Eventually,  six to seven crews will be out smoothing out the bumps and fixing all the moon craters that have developed on streets throughout the city.

The city asks for your patience because all these potholes cannot be fixed immediately.

What can drivers do to protect their vehicles until the streets can be repaired?

It's simple. Slow down!

Evan Kendt, the co-owner of Marv’s Body Shop told Dakota News Now, “The biggest thing is the speed. Everybody in Sioux Falls is going to be hitting some potholes in the next month or two months. The faster you hit the pothole, the more damage you could do to your car. If you hit that pothole going 5 of 10 miles an hour as opposed to 25 or 30 miles per hour, you’re going to mitigate the damage that you do, or not do any damage at all. The biggest thing is paying attention to the road in front of you.”

It's pothole patrol time again!

Due to the condition of a number of city streets, the city of Sioux Falls is asking residents for their help in reporting potholes as you attempt to navigate them in the coming days and weeks.

If you see one of these vicious potholes, please report it.

The City of Sioux Falls has established three different ways to report potholes:

* Call the city pothole hotline at (605) 367-8002.

* Download the City of Sioux Falls app, and find the place to report it there.

* Report them on this website.

Source: Dakota News Now

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