It's the mid-1700s, our forefather's in the original 13 colonies are gearing up for war with a larger, well-organized, and much more powerful enemy. Ben Franklin, in an effort to improve the odds for what would soon become the United States, puts down his kite and makes a deal with the devil. Literally.

In the process, Franklin's version of the Revolutionary Army recruits patriots of all ages and states of existence, alive and - - not so alive!

That is the premise of the new comic book, Franklinstein (debuting this week) which reimagines the War of Independence. The storyline is uber-creative and the illustrations, spine-tingling! It comes from the fertile minds of some truly talented writers and artists at Empire Comic Press Publishing Company right here in Sioux Falls.

Founded in 2019 by Brian Broekemeier and artist Mikey B. Martinez, Empire Comic Press has been busy ever since creating and publishing a number of different projects, including, their popular Robot Dance Club series, among others.

Empire publishes comic books and strips, as well as graphic novels, adult novels, young adult literature, and children's books. (I told you they were busy!)

Coming very soon is the first full book based on their Wilbur (yes, Wilbur, the Gigglebees animatronic pizza delivery coyote) online comic strip. Wilbur's Space Race is available to pre-order right now on their website. But in the meantime, check out the comic strip there.

On Halloween, they will also have a new release entitled The Thing in the Recliner, that you can read for free on their website.

I admit to not being very knowledgeable about the world of comics, but the creativity in these projects are hard to miss. I mean, don't even get me started on Space Monkey Mafia!

For more information see Empire Comic Press online, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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