What makes a city a great place to live? Low unemployment, low crime, good schools, good health care, affordable housing, clean air, clean water, low commute times, recreational activities, and a responsive local government; are but a few of the things taken into account for the latest WalletHub survey on best run cities in the U.S.

A myriad of those things are reasons why so many of us love to call Sioux Falls home. But like any fast-growing city, apparently, we have room for improvement.

Sioux Falls came in 13th, which is pretty good considering they only looked at the 150 largest cities in the country. The top spot went to Nampa, Idaho and the bottom of the pack was claimed by Detroit, Michigan.

WalletHub compared all 150 cities in 6 basic categories:

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Safety
  5. Economy
  6. Infrastructure & Pollution

They then further broke down their study looking at all of the sub-categories mentioned previously. Almost all of the top 20 cities had many of these qualities in common.

The sources they used were a diverse group and included: the U.S. Census Bureau, Environmental Protection Agency, Moody's Investor Service, the Centers for Disease Control, and Great Schools.org, among others

You can read the entire study at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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