A few weeks ago I was at the Costco here in Sioux Falls when I looked up on the shelves next to the smoked salmon and there staring me in the face was cooked, shrink-wrapped octopus.

Just to be clear I am in the anti-octopus camp. Not a fan of the swamp Kraken. However, my son and his girlfriend are more adventurous than I am. They gave it a shot.

Last night they loosed the Kraken on their stove. Above right, you can see a crime scene photo from Angela and Adam's kitchen. After they sauteed the soon to be cat food, this is how Angela described the experience:

Well... We tried it. While the gelatinous mucous all around it grossed me out and the sickening snap on every slice made me cringe.... I still took a tiny bite... Then passed it to Adam. He tried it. Ate some, but nope.... not for us. Maybe fresh.... But not this. Now trying to get the house smelling back to normal. Waiting for Pizza Delivery guy.

Maybe next time 'octopus pizza'? I think I just gagged a little...

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