WalletHub is once again crunching numbers, this time looking at all the factors that make certain cities healthier than others. Sioux Falls racked up some pretty good numbers in the health (2nd) and fitness ( 23rd) categories, but inexplicably tanked in the others. The overall score for our fair city, when all  things were taken into account, was 40th place.

As usual WalletHub examined 150 of the largest cities in the U.S. comparing them in four general categories: 1) Health care, 2) Food, 3) Fitness, and 4) Greenspace, to come up with a health ranking.

In these categories were numerous sub-categories, for instance in the health area, they scrutinized the number of family doctors and dentists per capita, costs of medical and dental visits, quality of hospital systems, and health insurance coverage.

The food category was the city's worst showing at 120th. The items they examined here included fruit and veggie consumption, gourmet specialty-food stores, healthy restaurants, farmer's markets and dietitians/nutritionists per capita.

The puzzler for me was how Sioux Falls came in 93rd in the "greenspace" category! I mean we have an incredible park system, extensive biking/walking/jogging trails, and good recreation area access.

Oh well, you can't be number one all the time, I guess. Sioux Falls did fairly well and at least we're not Detroit, they came dead last!

You can check out WalletHub's complete report for more information.

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